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  Eileen is a sustainability consultant and representative for several communities and entities along the eastern seaboard for projects including:

 -Policy & compliance reporting of sustainability measures

- Certification for local, state, national and international government requirements

- Grant writing and fund sourcing efforts

- Community support and outreach

-Public relations for community and corporate social responsibility goals

 -Brownfield redevelopment project management

- Sustainable sites

- Materials and resource management 

-Protection of ecological communities, wetland and water body conservation measures

- Traffic calming solutions & alternative transportation and planning

- Coastal and urban forest preservation

-Energy efficiency, sustainable waste management reduction and reuse

- Greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, light pollution, indoor environmental quality, air quality

 -Community park and recreation development

-Economic and community business development

- Walkable and bikeable neighborhood pattern and design

-Education and advocacy

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